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Welcome to Melbourne Institute of Vocational Studies

Melbourne Institute of Vocational Studies (MIVS) is a private provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Melbourne where programs are run by its Board. The Board has executive management experience with a goal to deliver qualified personnel in our training arena. MIVS offers VET (Vocational Education and Training) certificate courses in Melbourne to help advance students’ career and excel further in their field.

MIVS established in 2015 has been since providing extensive diploma courses in Melbourne meeting the changing demands of employers and students. For this reason, MIVS is a modern and responsive educational institution that produces excellent students. MIVS is delivering quality training and assessment and is able to adapt to rising education needs as required.

If you have a dream to study abroad in Melbourne, Australia and boost further your career then MIVS is the best option for vocational education and training in Melbourne. Furthering your education can take your life in directions you cannot predict or imagine. Choosing where to receive this education is an important step and needs to be considered carefully, especially if you are planning to study.

MIVS is accounted among the top reputed colleges in Melbourne and the courses we provide give you an academic boost to enter the employment sector. MIVS can assist you in the decision of choosing the best course that suits your career needs. We will provide you with opportunities to extend and challenge yourself, thus enriching your life for the better.

In the competitive job market, the quality of training you receive in the best vocational education and training institute in Melbourne, MIVS is of the utmost importance in gaining a place in the industry.

MIVS College employs three fundamental principles that serve as the driving force for the services offered:

  • - Vocational Education and Training
  • - An Activity Based Training
  • - Continuous improvement