Student Services

Whilst all staff employed by the Melbourne Institute of Vocational Studies(MIVS) has the responsibility to provide support to all students, MIVS has nominated ‘Student Support Officers’ for the students welfare who shall be available to all students, on an appointment basis, through the standard MIVS's hours of business.

Students can access the student support officer directly or via student administrations and an appointment will be organized as soon as practical.

As part of staff responsibility they are to ensure up-to-date information is available for the following services and the contacts listed are current. This information is given to students through their orientation program outlined below:


The following support services are to be available and accessible for all students studying with MIVS. MIVS will provide students with contact details to refer any matters that require further follow up with relevant professionals. Any referrals are conducted by MIVS at no cost to the student but fees and charges may apply where an external service is used by the student and this should be clarified by the student prior to using such services outside of MIVS.


Students may have concerns with their attendance, academic performance or other related issues that are placing them at risk of not achieving the requirements of their course. Students are able to gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels and general support to ensure they achieve satisfactory results in their studies.

All students’ progress is monitored and guidance and support provided where non-satisfactory results are identified.The student can access the Student Support Officer, Administration Manager or relevant Course Coordinator for all the relevant queries. These staff will provide advice and guidance or referral when required.

A student is able to access the student support officer to discuss any academic or other related issues to studying at MIVS at any time. The student support officer will be able to provide advice and guidance, or referral, where required.


Orientation is conducted on the first week of the course. Its purpose is to fully inform new students of most aspects of life at the College and to provide an introduction to studying, Melbourne's costs of living, transportation, facilities, banking and accommodation. In addition College staff will be introduced, a tour of the College and the local area will take place and an opportunity to ask questions will be given. It is essential that students attend the orientation program otherwise, they will miss out on information that affects their enjoyment during the studies.


There are many issues that may affect a student’s social or personal life and Students have access to the Support officer through normal MIVS hours to gain advice and guidance on personal issues, or family / friend issues. For more information , please leave an email to